Behind the Brand

Megan's Mahjong journey started during her college days, but it really kicked into high gear when she rekindled her love for Mahjong during the COVID-19 pandemic. She saw the game as a way to unite her community and introduce people to its magic. As her passion for Mahjong deepened, it sparked a brilliant idea to create her own product line that paid tribute to the game's rich heritage.

Starting small, Megan managed every aspect of the business herself, even transforming her garage into a makeshift shipping center. It was filled with stacks of packing tape, boxes lining the walls, and a trusty space heater to keep her warm during those late nights. Through pure determination, grit, and unwavering dedication, OMM quickly evolved from a garage operation into a full-blown warehouse. In less than a year, Oh My Mahjong earned a coveted place in Neiman Marcus and is now sold in over 200 stores nationwide with a dedicated team to support the business.

At Oh My Mahjong, we're all about lifting up women and having a blast while doing it! Our predominantly female team includes some incredible super moms who totally rock both family life and supporting our brand. But we don't stop at fabulous products; we're crazy passionate about helping women conquer the world of business through our new Mahji Mentors teaching program. With this platform, our goal is to give women the skills they need to run their own successful businesses, all while keeping the amazing history of Mahjong alive and thriving