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Lola Mahjong Tiles

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Aloha Travel Sets

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Birdie Mahjong Tiles

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American Mahjong with a Modern Twist

Embrace the Timeless Beauty of Mahjong with Our Colorful Designs - Perfectly Inspired by the Chinese Classic Game, Ideal for American Mahjong Fans, Traditionalists, and Newcomers Alike.

Meet Megan

Empowering Women and Celebrating Mahjong

Megan's Mahjong journey began during her college days, but it truly blossomed when she rekindled her passion for the game during the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeing Mahjong as a unifying force, she embarked on a mission to introduce its magic to her community. Megan's dedication led her to create Oh My Mahjong, a brand paying homage to the game's rich heritage. Starting as a modest garage-based operation, it has now expanded to grace the shelves of Neiman Marcus and over 200 other stores. Learn how Megan's journey is not only about fabulous products but also about empowering women through the Mahji Mentors program.

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Mahjong Accessories

Lilac Soiree Ultimate Starter Kit
Lilac Soiree Ultimate Starter Kit - Oh My MahjongLilac Soiree Ultimate Starter Kit - Oh My Mahjong
Blue Mahjong Shufflers
Blue Mahjong Shufflers - Oh My Mahjong
Navy Line Finder
Navy Line Finder - Oh My MahjongLine Finders - Oh My Mahjong