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Oh My Mahjong

Birdie Starter Kit

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Introducing the Birdie Starter Kit, inspired by the game's most eye-catching element - the vibrant blue and green Bird Bam! This set features a captivating interplay of mint green and multicolored accents, guaranteed to turn heads at your next Mahjong night. These hand-painted tiles are crafted from high-quality materials for lasting use, blending classic charm with a modern twist. The Birdie line is perfect for players of all levels, elevating your gaming experience with the trendiest Mahjong tiles around. Each set includes a complete set of 160 tiles, making it the ideal gift for Mahjong lovers or a luxurious upgrade for your game nights. So ditch the boring tiles and add a touch of elegance.

What's Included:

Birdie Tiles

- 160 Acrylic Tiles, including:

  - Bams, Cracks, and Dots (1-9, 4 of each) = 108 tiles

  - Wind tiles (N, E, W, S, 4 of each) = 16 tiles

  - Dragon tiles (Red, Green, White, 4 of each) = 12 tiles

  - Flower tiles = 8 tiles

  - Joker tiles = 10 tiles

  - Blank tiles = 6 tiles

- Tile Dimensions: Each tile measures .87” wide, .75” deep, and 1.25” tall.

Multicolored Racks and Pushers

Elevate your game night experience with our chic multicolored racks and pushers! Crafted for both durability and functionality, these accessories are designed to add a touch of elegance to your gaming sessions, helping you emerge victorious in style. Each set includes four acrylic racks with attached pushers, with a stack length of 18.5 inches.

Coin and Dice Bag

Enhance your Mahjong nights with our Mahjong Coin and Dice Bag in a charming Strawberry Pink hue complemented by Navy Piping and a Navy Tassel. This versatile bag not only adds a dash of style to your gaming ensemble but also serves as a convenient storage solution for your dice and coins.

Birdie Green Mat

Behold the chic and elegant Birdie Green Mahjong Mat, a springtime-inspired mat crafted to infuse your gameplay with romance and sophistication. The allure of the Birdie Green Mahjong Mat goes beyond its captivating aesthetics. With a non-slip surface that ensures your gameplay remains steady, you can indulge in your passion for the game with the confidence of a seasoned pro. This effortlessly fabulous mat also comes adorned with essential rules for American Mahjong along the sides, guiding you through the game with clarity.

- Dimensions: 33" x 33" neoprene with stitched border.

- The mat comes rolled with a canvas drawstring bag.

- Machine washable.

- To eliminate creases, launder it in hot water and tumble dry on a high heat setting.

Birdie Mint Zippered Bag

Introducing the Mint Mahjong Tile Bag, adorned with charming birdie images! More than a mere carrier, it's a fashion statement. Boasting a convenient zipper closure and a clear bottom section, this bag seamlessly blends practicality with style. Effortlessly showcase your prized tiles, adding a touch of elegance to your game night ensemble.

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    Birdie Starter Kit - Oh My Mahjong
    Birdie Starter Kit - Oh My Mahjong
    Birdie Starter Kit - Oh My Mahjong
    Birdie Starter Kit - Oh My Mahjong
    Birdie Starter Kit - Oh My Mahjong
    Birdie Starter Kit - Oh My Mahjong